Sorry for the Inconvenience


Sorry for not posting last night. It was a crazy busy day. I had to study for my last chem test until finals. I had to go see the play Treasure Island (pictured above). Which may I say was super subpar. Then it was also my boyfriend and I’s eight month anniversary. My apologies friends. I will post a second blog tonight as well.

Kailee talks. Showing you care for someone can be hard to do. For some people it comes naturally, for other it doesn’t. It’s hard to show when it doesn’t come naturally. You never seem to make the right decision or try enough. You’re constantly grasping at straws because you just don’t think in that way. Then you feel even worse when you  know you’ve messed up. It’s okay though. Showing you care for somoeone can be the most difficult thing to do. You have to just keep trying and improving and listening to them. You will get there eventually.

That’s it for now. Talk to you lovely people later. ❤



Chemistry 141


So it has been a long day today. Three hour lab in the morning, then class for two hours, then work for five and a half hours. All while studying chemistry in between. It has been exhausting.

I hate Chem 141 with a deep fiery passion. I have never done so badly on tests in my life. It’s the most stressful and time consuming class there is. It makes me question my my major and decisions every day. I think we deal with our share of Chem 141s though. We have to power through it, work as hard as you possibly can, and then try again until you get it. Remember you can do it! You can get out there, unshaken by the world, and just go. You have to keep trucking along.

See you all tomorrow evening. ❤



This is me. It was movie night for anatomy class. Get that extra credit!!! I have my last test this week before finals and its some major stress let me tell you that. The worse thing is I don’t even have time for it! All my classes are just full of work right now and I have no clue how I’m going to get anything done. It’s so much stress.

Something important that we must learn in life is how to be single. Finding out who you are without another person is finding the real you. I know this is probably hard for most people, it was excruciating for me when I went through it. Yet it’s the best way to heal. You need to focus on you. What do YOU like? What are YOUR interests? Who are YOUR friends and family? What do YOU want in life? These are all things we need to learn before we settle down with someone. Of course you also need to learn to be happy being single. It can be a great freedom. Realize the opportunities you have now and carpe diem! It might take a little bit to be happy and okay with being single, but time will you get you there, it always does. Enjoy your life. Enjoy being you. Enjoy this world.

Goodnight beautiful souls. Sorry it’s so late. ❤

Chills and Snow


It was under 10 degrees most of the day with a high of 19 degrees. I walked as briskly as possible to all my classes. I came back from my evening class and stayed in my dorm all evening. It was way too cold for me. I am not prepared for this, as you can tell from my ripped jeans. Thank god I had just gotten the Nelly BearPaws or else my feet would be freezing. The snow is here to stay.

I’ve been missing home a lot these past few weeks. It’s been a struggle to go to class and work and study. Talk about homesickness. I think everyone gets that way this time of year though. Wethere 18 or 52, we all miss home around the holidays. It’s just part of the season. We’ve got to power through though and complete the home stretch. Just keep swimming as Dory would say. It’s the hardest thing to do sometimes, but you’ll get home eventually. Whoever you are missing while reading this call/text them and tell them you love them and miss them. You never what may happen the next day or the next minute or the next hour. Let them know you’re thinking of them and you’re on your way home.

Goodnight you all. Until tomorrow. ❤

Lazy Days


I didn’t do a whole lot today. I went to noodle express with a friend cause the stupid Food Zoo was closed. I watched Netflix. I layed in bed. I went on Facebook. I worked for four hours. Pretty uneventful day to say the least. I like those days though. Where not much happens. It’s a good wind down. I think you need those days.

Our topic of the night is relaxing. We push and push and push our bodies and minds so much on a day to day basis. We study for 11 hours straight. We work out for five hours. We run ten miles a day. We take exam after exam. When we finally get a breather it’s almost orgasmic. Our bodies thanking us. Our minds thanking us. It’s like you can almost hear yourself screaming hey! I need a break over here! Once you relax though it’s hard to get back in the swing of the things. Do you really want to write the paper or you could watch five seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. That’s basically the same thing right? There is a yin-yang balance to working and relaxing that is excruciatelying difficult to achieve. Most people never find the balance, I sure haven’t. You still need to have your no make up, sweat pants, ten seasons of Lost days though. Don’t push them aside. Give your body that break it’s begging for you.

Nighty night sweathearts. Till the next time. ❤

Water in its Solid Form


I know that probably seems like a weird title, but I’ll explain later. Today was a much quicker road trip on the way home; only nine hours with stopping and everthing! I’m so happy to be back though. I never realize how much I miss my beds until I’m in a car for an extended period of time. There was no traffic today. Some ice on the road and obviously icicles at the rest areas, which my friend took one off and gave to me.  All in all it was a good drive back.

Now to explain the title. Water is a weird compound. It shouldn’t exist the way it does, but yet it does. Water molecules should repel and not polarize and not be able to float on its liquid form while its a solid. Yet it still does all these things. Water is impossible, but here we are needing it to survive. We need the impossible to survive the every day. Our bodies cannot survive for more than three days-except in rare cases-without this impossible combination of elements. Yet it does. Which I think speaks to us as humans. We have to believe in things and strive for things that seem impossible because we know they are possible. You tell yourself you’ll never meet another girl, you’ll never climb that mountain, you’ll never get the job, etc because it’s imposible. Yet eventually you do meet another girl, you climb that mountain, you get that job because we know the impossible isn’t real. We can do anything we want. Just put your hand and mind out there, let everything go, and grab on to the impossible.

Till tomorrow my dears. Have a great sunday. ❤


Going Back


I know this is super late, but it’s been quite the busy day. Today I went back to a place I used to live about a year and half ago. I saw some old friends and hung out with a couple of people. I ran into no traffic and had very mild seasickness on the ferry boat rides. I was a little anxious on my way there just to see how its changed, how people have changed. Yet I didn’t have too much to worry about.

The weirdest part about going back somewhere you used to live is you don’t even have to think where things are, your body just knows. It’s like muscle memory, it’s strange. I drove off the ferry and my body immediately knew where it was going and I didn’t even think about it all. I think humans always have a map stored of every place we’ve driven and how to get there. My body was just so used to driving that I could basically drive on autopilot, even a year and half later. I didn’t realize how well I knew where things were. Plus my body could sense when something had changed in the area even before I could figure it out. Just some food for thought I guess.

Goodnight Dearies. ❤