Syllabus Week


Well it’s the first week back to school and I already hate life. Applied Calculus seems pretty easy. Anatomy is going to be the same as always. Chemistry is going to be hell as usual. Oh and Writ 101 well we will see how that goes. Plus I have my second anatomy test and a chem test on the same day yet again. Oh joyous days.

So let’s talk about syllabus week. There’s this stereotype surrounding syllabus week that it’s the “party week” or the “do nothing weak” or the “easy week”. Is it easier than most weeks yes, but that doesn’t mean there’s no work. If you’re taking rigorous classes, which if you’re any sort of science major you will be, than you’re screwed, royally. The first day of learning is right after your Chemistry professor finishes going over the syllabus on your first day. You have homework as soon as you get home, even though you haven’t bought the textbook yet. You can already feel the urge to skip every class you have. As far as I’m concernced syllabus week is nothing more than the first day of being dragged back into the world of homework, stress, and work. Do I have easier work? Yes, I do. Which can be nice. Yet getting back into the swing of things makes syllabus week the hardest of them all. Maybe that’s just me. Maybe you’re schools and classes are easier. Who knows. All I can say is keep powering through and we’ve only got one more semester to go.

Study hard. Be successful. You can do this, and if you can’t then tell someone. See you on the flipside. ❤


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