Sick Days


I have been feeling quite under the weather the post few days which is why I’ve been so absent. I really don’t want to get lazy about this and abandon it completely like I normally do. I must say I did miss you all. My wonderful readers. So here is a picture of me to enjoy of some flawless make up I did the other day because I got new lipstick. Thank god for Sephora gift cards.

I want to talk about sexual drive today. I know a weird topic right, but hear me out. We are all born either with a male or female organ system. Now I’m not going to ever try and be politically correct here because I think that’s total utter horse shit, but yes we are all born either man or woman. My point here is whatever gender you choose to live your life as their is a certain sexual drive and stereotype to go along with it. If you are a woman then you are forced into monogamy and low sexual appetitie stereotypes, if you don’t conform to these or if someone even gets the notion you may not conform to these then you are immediately validated as a slut. Personally I see no problem in being labeled that. I don’t think it should have a negative connotation. Honestly if you can live your life like that and be successful, go for it. If you’re a lingerie model you’re concieved as a slut, but I doubt anyone of them have time to for sexual pleasures. They’ve got fashion shows, photo shoots, and appointments to go. I’m sure they have some time for sexual acts, but not nearly as much as the word validate them to have. Moving away from the female stereotypes. Male stereotypes are something so interesting to look and think about it. If you are a man you can sleep with multiple partners, hurt others feeling, and touch yourself whenever you damn well like. Then you get a gold star, pat on the back, or at least just a guy being a guy saying. Yet if you don’t do these things you are considered inexpereinced and childish, maybe even prude. What if you don’t want to do these things though? Out of love, or religion, or no sexual drive whatsoever. We are all powered by our sexual natures whether we realize that or not. Going out on a simple date is driven by the need for sexual energy. It’s how us human being survive, quite literally. In our most basic instincts we have only two things to achieve, eat and reproduce. Somewhere along the way the instinct to reproduce was shoved down as sin and called evil. But how do you think the human population has survived all these years? Certainly not by just eating alone. In the fabric of our very DNA we are told to reproduce, to have kids, to create a new generation, to keep the human race alive. So why punish some and not others for the very thing that has powered the human race through all these years. That is all for today.

Good day darlings ❤


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