Sorry for the Inconvenience


Sorry for not posting last night. It was a crazy busy day. I had to study for my last chem test until finals. I had to go see the play Treasure Island (pictured above). Which may I say was super subpar. Then it was also my boyfriend and I’s eight month anniversary. My apologies friends. I will post a second blog tonight as well.

Kailee talks. Showing you care for someone can be hard to do. For some people it comes naturally, for other it doesn’t. It’s hard to show when it doesn’t come naturally. You never seem to make the right decision or try enough. You’re constantly grasping at straws because you just don’t think in that way. Then you feel even worse when you  know you’ve messed up. It’s okay though. Showing you care for somoeone can be the most difficult thing to do. You have to just keep trying and improving and listening to them. You will get there eventually.

That’s it for now. Talk to you lovely people later. ❤



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