This is me. It was movie night for anatomy class. Get that extra credit!!! I have my last test this week before finals and its some major stress let me tell you that. The worse thing is I don’t even have time for it! All my classes are just full of work right now and I have no clue how I’m going to get anything done. It’s so much stress.

Something important that we must learn in life is how to be single. Finding out who you are without another person is finding the real you. I know this is probably hard for most people, it was excruciating for me when I went through it. Yet it’s the best way to heal. You need to focus on you. What do YOU like? What are YOUR interests? Who are YOUR friends and family? What do YOU want in life? These are all things we need to learn before we settle down with someone. Of course you also need to learn to be happy being single. It can be a great freedom. Realize the opportunities you have now and carpe diem! It might take a little bit to be happy and okay with being single, but time will you get you there, it always does. Enjoy your life. Enjoy being you. Enjoy this world.

Goodnight beautiful souls. Sorry it’s so late. ❤


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