Chills and Snow


It was under 10 degrees most of the day with a high of 19 degrees. I walked as briskly as possible to all my classes. I came back from my evening class and stayed in my dorm all evening. It was way too cold for me. I am not prepared for this, as you can tell from my ripped jeans. Thank god I had just gotten the Nelly BearPaws or else my feet would be freezing. The snow is here to stay.

I’ve been missing home a lot these past few weeks. It’s been a struggle to go to class and work and study. Talk about homesickness. I think everyone gets that way this time of year though. Wethere 18 or 52, we all miss home around the holidays. It’s just part of the season. We’ve got to power through though and complete the home stretch. Just keep swimming as Dory would say. It’s the hardest thing to do sometimes, but you’ll get home eventually. Whoever you are missing while reading this call/text them and tell them you love them and miss them. You never what may happen the next day or the next minute or the next hour. Let them know you’re thinking of them and you’re on your way home.

Goodnight you all. Until tomorrow. ❤


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