Lazy Days


I didn’t do a whole lot today. I went to noodle express with a friend cause the stupid Food Zoo was closed. I watched Netflix. I layed in bed. I went on Facebook. I worked for four hours. Pretty uneventful day to say the least. I like those days though. Where not much happens. It’s a good wind down. I think you need those days.

Our topic of the night is relaxing. We push and push and push our bodies and minds so much on a day to day basis. We study for 11 hours straight. We work out for five hours. We run ten miles a day. We take exam after exam. When we finally get a breather it’s almost orgasmic. Our bodies thanking us. Our minds thanking us. It’s like you can almost hear yourself screaming hey! I need a break over here! Once you relax though it’s hard to get back in the swing of the things. Do you really want to write the paper or you could watch five seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. That’s basically the same thing right? There is a yin-yang balance to working and relaxing that is excruciatelying difficult to achieve. Most people never find the balance, I sure haven’t. You still need to have your no make up, sweat pants, ten seasons of Lost days though. Don’t push them aside. Give your body that break it’s begging for you.

Nighty night sweathearts. Till the next time. ❤


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