Water in its Solid Form


I know that probably seems like a weird title, but I’ll explain later. Today was a much quicker road trip on the way home; only nine hours with stopping and everthing! I’m so happy to be back though. I never realize how much I miss my beds until I’m in a car for an extended period of time. There was no traffic today. Some ice on the road and obviously icicles at the rest areas, which my friend took one off and gave to me.  All in all it was a good drive back.

Now to explain the title. Water is a weird compound. It shouldn’t exist the way it does, but yet it does. Water molecules should repel and not polarize and not be able to float on its liquid form while its a solid. Yet it still does all these things. Water is impossible, but here we are needing it to survive. We need the impossible to survive the every day. Our bodies cannot survive for more than three days-except in rare cases-without this impossible combination of elements. Yet it does. Which I think speaks to us as humans. We have to believe in things and strive for things that seem impossible because we know they are possible. You tell yourself you’ll never meet another girl, you’ll never climb that mountain, you’ll never get the job, etc because it’s imposible. Yet eventually you do meet another girl, you climb that mountain, you get that job because we know the impossible isn’t real. We can do anything we want. Just put your hand and mind out there, let everything go, and grab on to the impossible.

Till tomorrow my dears. Have a great sunday. ❤



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