Going Back


I know this is super late, but it’s been quite the busy day. Today I went back to a place I used to live about a year and half ago. I saw some old friends and hung out with a couple of people. I ran into no traffic and had very mild seasickness on the ferry boat rides. I was a little anxious on my way there just to see how its changed, how people have changed. Yet I didn’t have too much to worry about.

The weirdest part about going back somewhere you used to live is you don’t even have to think where things are, your body just knows. It’s like muscle memory, it’s strange. I drove off the ferry and my body immediately knew where it was going and I didn’t even think about it all. I think humans always have a map stored of every place we’ve driven and how to get there. My body was just so used to driving that I could basically drive on autopilot, even a year and half later. I didn’t realize how well I knew where things were. Plus my body could sense when something had changed in the area even before I could figure it out. Just some food for thought I guess.

Goodnight Dearies. ❤


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