It was Thanksgiving

I got to meet up with some friends and family today that I haven’t in a long time. My gramma (pictured left) from my biological father I haven’t seen in about a year and some change. One of the only people I’ve known since I was kid (pictured right)- Navy brat life. And more people to come tomorrow. I ate good food. Wore the Natasha BearPaws all day. Went to Starbucks twice. Then ended it by beating my other gramma at her favorite game (my mom’s mom). Tomorrow I will venture out onto the freeway and a ferry boat to see people I haven’t seen in almost two years. It’s crazy the way the world works.

Seeing these people made me realize how important they are too me. How important keeping ties with them are. I never know when I will lose them or see them next. I think we need to appreciate the people in our lives more. We need to hold on to them tightly while we still can. I’ve started saying I love you anytime I say goodbye to someone who is important to me.So appreciate the people you and hod them tightly. I’m just keeping it brief tonight and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving- or day if you don’t live in the United States.

Goodnight dearies. Please appreciate the people you have in this life. ❤


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