It was a long day…


I woke up at 5:00am for starters and was on the road by 6:00am. There was ice on the road for the first pass and the rest was clear. But then, then we hit Washington traffic and I thought I was going to murder someone. Two hours in just stop and go, stop and go, stop and go. Now I remember why I didn’t like living here. I can’t stand traffic for the life of me. The picture above is of the Columbia river and might I just say it was gorgeous.

Today’s topic shall be family. I know it’s cheesy since the time of year, but I feel like it’s important.They are the people that drive you crazy, talk your ear off, and make you question how you’re related to these people. Family doesn’t have to be blood relations though. Sometimes the people you are biologically related to suck and don’t deserve you in their lives. Family is anyone you feel that deep, strong connection and love with. That is family. The people you choose, the people that love you no matter what, the people you can always turn to. I haven’t always been the best to my family, but they were still there for me. They love me still. I try so hard now to be good for them. Be a good family member. Which is always hard. Trying to be a better, best version of yourself is hard. But if you fail you’re family will still be there to catch you and push you back up. I love all the people in what I call my family and wouldn’t trade them for anything, even when they drive me up the walls. I hope you love what you call family and be grateful for them. They are sometimes all we have.

Have a wonderful night beautiful humans. Happy Holidays. See you all tomorrow evening. ❤


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