Well of course my teachers love me and want me to have an exam the day before Thanksgiving break. Yet while I should be studying I’m sitting here watching a new show on Netflix called Jessica Jones which is pretty awesome. I love the kick ass female characters and David Tennant. After I finish this blog post I will study the crap out of my practice exam. Sidenote, in the background of this picture I also have my nice cheetah print BearPaw slippers. They are cushy, cute, and its like your feet are having an orgasm when you slip them on. I kind of love them. They’re also my laundry day shoes.

I was going to talk about my boyfriend today, but I think I’ll save that for tomorrow. Today I want to talk about a thought I had when talking to a friend. Every single person on this Earth is unique. They are individual. No one is the same. Yet we all try to stick to this stigma of normality, like it’s some wonderful prize to be sought after. A few years ago when I didn’t really understand my anxiety or depression, I tried so very very hard to be normal; except the more normal I tried to be the less I felt myself. I was losing me, which was making my mental illnesses that much worse. Finally I met some people who were not afraid to be themselves. They just were them. I realized they seemed normal. That’s what I believe being normal is, being yourself. I finally felt a little bit of confidence to be who I am, and I never looked back. I’m not saying I’m 100% myself 24/7 or anything. That is a fantasy notion, but I try my best to relax and be me. Which is why people love or hate me. You have to see that being normal is a figment of our society’s imgination and normality is just being yourself.

Goodnight lovelies. Talk to you soon. Stay safe. ❤


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