Just Help Me


This my friends is my wonderful, beautiful college roommate. This was our first football game, first picture, first time hanging out. Just craziness. We feel and think we look older now. Before I get into all this though, quick recap of my day.

I worked open to close today. My body feels like death afte working this weekend. We had two trucks of freight that came in that were not suppose to be here. I had to reorganize and figure everything out because of course we don’t have a manager or lead. Then at the very end of my shift, BOOM- asthma attack. It wasn’t terrible, but not exactly what you want to happen at the end of your shift. All in all not a terrible day.

Now to the story of the time my roommate saved my life. It was a frigid fall day and we were biking around the town. We stopped at this little store called Rocking Rudy’s, a gift shop type place. I was walking around when it hits. Anxiety attack. Right there in the middle of the store and I’m a 15 minute bike ride back home, at least. I keep it in for as long as possible until we get back on campus. I rush up to my room and barely get through the door before collapsing on the ground. Full panic attack mode now. I can’t think. I can’t breathe. All I can do is scream for someone to help me. My roommate rushes in and asks me whats wrong trying to figure out how to help. Yet all I can manage is cries for help and pointing to the bottle of Xanax to calm me down. I can barely focus at this point and beginning to feel like I might pass out. My fantastic roomie springs into action grabs a pill and some water, puts it in my mouth, and calmy says “Drink.” I focus all my energy left on her words and do as I’m told. She then holds me in her arms and rubs my back as streams of tear rush down my face. I finally can breathe again and my body begins to rest. She helps me stand, tucks me into bed, and texts my boyfriend to let him know what happened. She tells me to sleep. I just lay there, my body finally able to rest again after the whole ordeal.

My roommate is such a wonderful, amazing, beautiful person. She has such a sweet and kind heart. I am so thankful that the roommate generator put us together and thankful for my life. I love her.

You guys have a great evening. I hope this provides some insight into anxiety/panic attacks. Talk to you guys tomorrow. ❤


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