Let me tell you something


This was after I got home from a nine hour shift. My body was dead. My legs were wobbly. Yet these shoes. These shoes right here kept my feet more comfortable than any other shoe I’ve worn to work yet. The Nelly BearPaws are something special. Warm, waterproof, ziptie to prevent snow from getting in, and cute. They’re perfection for my poor circulated feet. Work was good. It was slow today. Big rival game and all.

Now for the deep stuff. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about anxiety and mental illnesses. I’ve joined group to help raise awareness and distigamtize mental illnesse. It is so important for the world to know more about them and not be so narrow minded. A mental illness is just as serious as a physical one. I wish more people could see this. Yet us people with mental illness hide, in shame. We don’t know where to go or who to turn to. We’re told we’re just weird and being overdramatic. We are not though. It took me a long time to accept this fact. You have to accept the fact that you’re not just different, it’s not your fault either. You are…you. Do not. I repeat DO NOT hate yourself because of this. I beg of you not to. You are a beautiful human being. I promise. Even if you can’t see that, I swear someone else does. I do at least. You’re not alone either. There are more of you out there. They are just as scared as you are. So be the brave one and reach out to someone. If you search you will find the right people. It may take some time, but the best ones take a little time. Diamonds in the rough, needles in the haystacks, lost souls in the dark, you can find them. They are there. If you need anything, ever, never be afraid to come to me either. I am here for everyone.

Till the next time beautiful souls. I will be telling the story of the time my roommate saved my life tomorrow. Goodnight and rest well. ❤


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